About us

Dream Big BH is a non-affiliated and non-profit organisation based in Bahrain from 2014. (DB) provides English classes to public school students in Jidhafs and Saar villages. As a non-affiliated and non-profit organisation aims to teach English in a fun environment to students from first year of primary school to first year of university for free. As a result DB has over 600 students and 120 volunteers and DB is working on expanding to parents classes and hope to expand to other villages within the country.


Our mission is to improve public school children’s English in a complementary, supplementary and enjoyable manner outside the classroom.


Our vision is a generation of public school children with English as a second language with the ability to comprehend, read and speak English aptly.


We utilise the collective power of the community and its voluntary resources to achieve our day-to-day mission and long-term vision.

Our work


We use creative ideas to bring information to students,  by focusing on ways that helps students remember English language grammar, vocabulary and spelling.

An example is the Vowel face as you can see in the picture.

screen-shot-2017-02-12-at-07-52-23Classes are structured in a timely manner, by using Power Point presentation and a timer to plan each activity. We use a combination of pictures, colors, and games to help students learn while having fun.


We teach English to both genders and various ages while we accept volunteers who are fluent in English and of all age rage and various education and professional background.